Work in Progress

Requirement Analysis

Our expert team holds discussions with various stakeholders from problem domain and tries to bring out as much information as possible on their requirements. The requirements are contemplated and segregated into user requirements, system requirements and functional requirements. The requirements are collected using a number of practices as given –

  • studying the existing or obsolete system,
  • conducting interviews of users and developers,
  • referring to the database or
  • collecting answers from the questionnaires.

Analyze System

At this stage, the whole system is analyzed step by step by a highly expert team.


Next step is to bring down whole knowledge of requirements and analysis on the desk and design the product. The inputs from users and information gathered in requirement gathering phase are the inputs of this step. The output of this step comes in the form of two designs; logical design and physical design. Engineers produce meta-data and data dictionaries, logical diagrams, data-flow diagrams and in some cases pseudo codes.


This means installing the product on user machines. At times, product needs post-installation configurations at user end. Product is tested for portability and adaptability and integration related issues are solved during implementation.


Testing is done while coding by the developers and thorough testing is conducted by testing experts at various levels of code such as module testing, program testing, product testing, in-house testing and testing the product at user’s end.

Runtime test

Runtime test is executed very carefully and found problems or bugs are solved instantly.

Final Delivery

At this stage finally we deliver the developed product to our client and we ensure that our door is always open for our clients to take any support.